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Developing Careers

INTOO supports people during the process of redeployment both within and out of the corporate context, with the aim of fully meeting the objective of professional growth.
Outplacement activity is at the basis of the goal to promote those career changes that can meet the needs and expectations of an individual. The development of individual skills and increased personal prospects within the world of work are at the root of a philosophy which regards people as valuable resources. INTOO is part of Gi Group, a world’s leading company for the development of the labour market present in more than 40 countries in Europe, America and Asia.

INTOO offers strategic advice and management consultancy to companies (reindustrialisation, organizational consultancy, and advice on reorganisation and restructuring). It also provides individual career counselling (outplacement and inplacement, training and retraining, skills assessment and analysis of personal marketability).

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Our values

We believe in people, in their capacity and potential. We respect their values and understand their needs, matching these to the requirements of the labour market.
Each service we offer is carried out with the greatest attention to quality, tailored assistance, and focus on results.

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What do our clients say?

Every year, we relocate thousands of candidates for hundreds of clients, thanks to the efforts of our highly specialised team: one of our greatest strengths.